Shawsgate Vineyard

Wine Labels & Information Leaflet

Shawsgate Vineyard is one of East Anglia’s oldest commercial vineyards producing a range of white, red, rosé and Quality Sparkling wines. The vineyard is situated in Badingham, Suffolk.

The client wanted to create an identity for their company to help establish a fresh look across all media. The Shawsgate logo was drawn with the help of a twig and black ink to achieve the free flowing feel.

Once the leaflet was produced RD3 were then commissioned to create numerous wine labels. The labels had to appeal to new customers whist not detracting from their existing customer base. The use of iconic images, new logo and traditional typefaces allow the labels to work well together with clear information for the potential customer.

We are now working on 3 more labels included a sparkling rosé.

Click here to view Shawsgate website.

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