Skola Group of Schools

Prospectus & Information Merchandise

SKOLA has been at the forefront of education in English for over 40 years and their goal is to provide the highest possible quality tuition to their international body of students.

RD3 Creative has been working with Skola Group of Schools for over 6 years. The work is varied and includes the yearly prospectus for two schools. The prospectus had to appeal to not only prospective students but also to agents that sell the courses internationally. As English is not everyone's first language the prospectus had to be easy to follow using symbols and diagrams to convey the information. The pages are also colour coded and titled on the right hand page for ease of identification.

Also undertaken are information sheets, banner systems and stationery. This has allowed RD3 to build the Skola brand and add continuity across all media.

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